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Vincent Vu

An avid builder with a love for technology and innovation

What I'm up to:

  • Lead of Engineering @ HackSC : I build software for one of Southern California's biggest hackathon, and we also build some OSS projects along the way.

  • Building some software @ ChalkIt : Write your essays better with AI; launching soon!


  • Ex-SWE Intern @ Coursera : Worked on authorization and security for internal tools during the summer of 2022

What I built for fun:

  • Spotify Currently Playing API : A simple, performant microservice + dashboard to easily get your currently playing song on your Spotify. Built with Go + React.

  • Listlive : A productivity x social media platform where you won't have to work alone. Built with Python + React. Currently suspended until I get time to pick it back up

  • this : This site was built with Go and was compiled to WebAssembly.

Previous versions of this site:

  • v2 : v2 of the site built with React